Our Mission

Our purpose is to nurture the seed of plant-based knowledge around the world, always from a place of empathy and love.

There is no blame, no shame, no sorrow allowed. We are here to help you look ahead and forge a more balanced and happier ecosystem, you included.

Our end goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

We are making a difference. One meal at a time.

Here's how we plan to keep doing it:

  • Being able to cover our costs and grow our team so that we can support you and the community more and more around the world. 
  • Create more events to encourage the plant-based lifestyle. 
  • Start to introduce food workshops as well.
  • Start developing Vegan Retreats so newcomers can experience what a plant based life feels like.
  • Solve pain points around the supply of affordable organic, healthy and sustainable foods and products. We hope to source locally, or import and supply these to people at an affordable price. This will only be viable with a large supportive community. 
  • Offer education around sustainability and wellness, especially in poorer areas, to schools and businesses that cannot afford it. 
  • Develop our vegan app and continue to improve the experience for our community so it can grow on to be a beautiful ecosystem. 

Thank you for supporting our initiative.
This is just the begining.

About Ecoshe

Ecoshe is a non profit initiative started in Mauritius, it offers the following:

  • Plant-based education through workshops and educational apps
  • Fun health challenges and wellness events
  • Investment opportunities in residential wellness spaces

Founded by Heather & Garth Drummond, whose ultimate goal is to bring a community together to live more consciously and, in turn, feel healthier and happier.

United Nations SDGs

At Ecoshe, we offer challenges, workshops, and events that help to tackle 14 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals. If these goals resonate with you, let’s work together to achieve them.

  • Reduce poverty and hunger by eating more sustainably.
  • Take steps toward good health and well-being through diet, exercise, and reducing alcohol, smoking, and drug consumption.
  • Promote better education, especially around climate change.
  • Improve access to clean water by reducing animal waste and pollution.
  • Make energy economically viable by cutting down the enormous resources used in growing animals.
  • Challenge inequality by introducing affordable plant-based to communities.
  • Pave the way for sustainable cities and communities through the vision to invest in residential wellness resorts and eco-villages.
  • Become a responsible consumer and create awareness about the impact of our daily choices on the environment.
  • Help regenerate life below the water by preventing animal waste from pouring into the water systems.
  • Help rejuvenate terrestrial life by making more land available for planting trees, saving rainforests, and preventing species from going extinct.

Let’s use these global challenges to come together and recognize the need for harmony in diversity—the rich, the poor, the different religions, cultures, races, and age groups. We are willing to partner or collaborate with like-minded people and organizations.


All our outreach to date has been self-funded. However, recently we began charging for our workshops so that we can keep the momentum going, help more people, and reach our ultimate goal of creating residential wellness centres.  

You may not feel like going plant-based but may still want to support our work because others going plant-based will surely make your world a better place.

We appreciate donations very much. We are a non-profit, and all funds will go into sustaining, growth and expansion.

Please view our mission page here to see how we plan to spend your kind contributions.


We inspire new habits through plant-based education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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