Where are you located?

Our office is in Le Barachois, Tamarin, in Mauritius, a small island off the east coast of Africa. Most of our participants are from Mauritius.  However, we do offer the challenge to people abroad too.

How do we invest in the residential wellness project?

We are looking for investors for this long-term vision. Please send us an email to hello@ecoshe.earth with your contact details and interest in investing, and we’ll send you the criteria and the latest information that we have on the progress. You can also view www.ecovillage.mu which had our full vision clearly laid out when we were looking to build from the ground up. During COVID, we considered buying existing hotels rather than converting them into wellness centers.

How do I donate to Ecoshe?

We appreciate donations very much and hope to one day start an association, especially for the education side of sustainability through food consumption. In the meantime we can accept donations through our company and pay the 15% VAT on them. You can donate via our website (Bank Details Here).

How do I sign up for one of your monthly challenges?

You can sign up via our website under the PLAY. menu, or directly on the google forms sign up here (link)

Can I customize my own challenge?

Absolutely. You can choose your own goal and make it a meaningful challenge for yourself. You can either keep this confidential as in only we will monitor this with you, or it could be public together with the other people we will motivate as a group. There are often prizes for the most creative or unusual challenges.

Can I sign up for a challenge if I am not in Mauritius?

Yes, you can sign up if you are not in Mauritius. However, you may not be eligible to win some of the prizes as most of our sponsors for the moment are local donating things like dinners at restaurants, clothing vouchers, food vouchers etc. We do hope to find international sponsors and prizes for future events. The other thing to note is bank charges might be high if sending us a pledge by bank transfer. We’ll have to deduct these charges when returning your winnings. But yes, you can still play the game.

Can I play for free?

On the signup form, when asked for your pledge amount, put FREE under ‘Other’. However, we do recommend that you pledge on yourself, as research has shown that this makes you more accountable for your actions and more likely to reach your goal. It’s more fun too! 

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, our accounting team can provide you with an invoice if you would like for the forfeits during the challenge month. This will be itemized as ‘motivational services’ or similar.

What are the criteria for winning a prize?

Anyone who participated in the challenge and who also attends our month-end prize giving is eligible to win a prize at the prize giving ceremony.

Can I win a prize even if I was not successful in my challenge?

No matter how well you did in the challenge, you can win.  We draw names from a hat.  Even if you slipped up a lot. We never shame or blame anyone. We celebrate the collective effort.

Will I still earn my money back if I don’t attend prize giving?

You will still be rewarded your money back for all the days you did succeed, and we hope to soon have online prize givings too for those that can’t make the actual event in person.

How do you ensure that someone is telling the truth when monitoring daily success?

We rely on your honesty and integrity in this challenge. When you sign up, we ask you to say an affirmation to yourself. If you believe in yourself, then so do we! 

Can I join a group challenge with people I do not know personally?

We don’t recommend this because, after the challenge, this person you do not know will be asked to settle what they owe you direct. We can’t guarantee this will happen and some might play the game unethically just to take advantage of honest people. Play with someone you know and trust, someone you can also see or witness their progress if need be. 

What are the sponsorship benefits?

A sponsor is someone willing to give a prize or cash to our participants at prize giving. There are many benefits detailed in our sponsor pack here. Mostly brand awareness, together with supporting a good cause. We have a few prize categories.  The highest pledge normally get’s our highest value prize.  Then we have the ‘most unusual challenge’ too. We’re getting creative all the time with prizes. Thanks for supporting the fun!  

What happens if I forget to send a message one day to confirm that I achieved my goal?

Ecoshe will deduct any days where you failed to message us confirming your daily success. Even if you did succeed and you forgot or failed to message us, this is a forfeit. Please set a reminder. We feel if you’re really focused on achieving your goal, you’ll be very proud to share that with us at the end of every day. 

How long will it take to receive the refund?

This will depend on which bank or country you are in. We plan to settle up relatively quickly in Mauritius, especially the week after a challenge. However, please allow a few extra days for international payments.

Can I roll my money over for new challenges?

Yes, rather than request a payback, you can leave a balance in your account with us to roll over for future challenges.

Do I have to start on the first day of the month?

Yes, everyone entering a challenge has to start on the first day of the month.

I would like to be an affiliate. How do I sign up?

We work with any entity that has an audience that might want to participate in a challenge. Maybe you have a large group of friends you’d like to inspire, maybe you’re an influencer with a large online following, a wellness coach, a business leader, etc. If you encourage people to sign up and they use your affiliate code on the signup form, you could earn between 30 and 70% of their forfeits.

I would like to customize my challenge, are there any guidelines?

Your goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. For instance ‘no eating chocolate after 7 pm’. Rather than ‘eat less’.  Or ‘run 3 km a day before breakfast’ rather than ‘get fit’. 

Who is responsible for covering the bank fees?

We may charge bank fees if it’s excessive to receive or pay you back, especially for those playing from outside Mauritius.

How can I check if I was refunded the correct amount?

We have an efficient system of keeping track of everyone’s daily progress in the challenges. However, you are welcome to dispute anything with Ecoshe at any time because we’re a reasonable bunch. 


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