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We are looking for inspirational people to teach our 1 hour ‘Plant-Based Workshop‘.  We’ve done all the preparation; all you have to do is find your inner voice and follow the simple agenda.

Those most interested in signing up and paying for the workshop are;

  • Businesses who care about climate change and staff welfare
  • Restaurants and Hotels wanting to train staff or inspire guests
  • Schools and Universities

Criteria Before Charging

Teachers must obtain at least 10 x 5* ratings from FREE participants before they can charge or approach larger corporations. This will be your training period which can be done in small groups or all at once.   

Ecoshe needs to approve you as an official teacher for Ecoshe. You would also obtain an email address if you wanted to teach more seriously. 

Earning Potential

We are feeling our way with this and want to ensure our teachers make the lion’s share of any income. We’re registering as a non-profit to do this. Our hope is to cover our costs, and teachers keep the rest! 

We’re thinking paying customers make a 30% upfront deposit for a 1 hour workshop (for example, 20 participants at GBP10 each is GBP200, therefore GBP60 deposit to Ecoshe), and then teachers keep the balance of 70% (in this case GBP140). You also charge whatever you feel is fair for your skills and location, maybe GBP20-30 per participant. In Mauritius, I was charging GBP10 per person but it’s a totally different economy. You can also offer bulk discounts. 


Teachers will be listed on our site with their picture, their stats on how many people they’ve taught, their * rating, and their cost per person to teach. The more confident and popular you become, the more you will be able to charge. We will also post your group photos alongside your profile.        


5 mins

Watch Documentary
Watch Documentary

Participants Can Take Notes 24 mins


15 questions Optional Prize 5 mins

What Can I Eat
What Can I Eat

Show SlideShow

Flash Cards
Flash Cards

Encourage App Download

Take The Challenge
Take The Challenge

Try Vegan

Meal Together
Meal Together

Meal Together

Marketing material

We will provide a link with a collection of videos, social media posts, text, emails, flyers, etc to help you sell yourself. Of course you can use the website too. We can also do a video recording to announce the collaboration. You can design your own material, but this needs to be approved by us to ensure consistent brand policies are adhered to.

Example of Company Workshop

The video was taken in September 2022. Since then, we have launched the Vegan Quiz App and introduced QR codes to improve the workshop’s flow.

Google Slide Show

Here is the Teachers Master Slide Show; you would use this to facilitate the workshop. Whether it’s one on one from your laptop or to a group using a projector.  You need to follow the agenda to maintain consistency between all workshops. We will improve this together as we go along.  there are speaker notes under each slide to give you tips on discussion points.  

The Documentary

When in training, you would need to play the free 12-minute version of the documentary found on our website and YouTube channel.  Once approved by Ecoshe and once you’ve obtained your required 10 x 5* ratings, you would be sent the full 24-minute documentary that will have your name watermarked in the video. Please do not share this outside your workshops. 

Teacher Training Videos

Please watch these 2 training videos to help you get ready for your first workshop.  Let us know if you have any questions. 


After each workshop, participants fill in a feedback form.  The education part is one hour. With meal included 1.5 hours.  This is also where participants will feedback about their experience with you as a teacher.

Here is what they’re saying.

Harshinee Ramgoolam

I will take this opportunity to thank you for the huge amount of motivation you give through your words. It really isn’t difficult to cut down animal products from your diet. I’m having a very good time being vegan!!

Anistha Soochit

I had been wanting to be vegan for a long time! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have been part of this journey. Thank you so much Heather, to you, your family and team for making all of this happen.

Priscilla Mulliah Mutty

I am definitely adopting this way of life, I feel so light and good. My family and friends complimented me on the change on my skin and say I look more radiant

Beatrice Lai

Thank you so much for the whole organization  It was an incredible experience..

Sweta Ramkalawon

I am very proud to have been part of Veganuary and it was the best way to start my 2022.. Both my fiance & I are looking forward to the next initiatives.

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We inspire new habits through education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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