Harshinee Ramgoolam

Harshinee Ramgoolam

I will take this opportunity to thank you for the huge amount of motivation you give through your words. It really isn’t difficult to cut down animal products from your diet. I’m having a very good time being vegan!!

Anistha Soochit

I had been wanting to be vegan for a long time! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have been part of this journey. Thank you so much Heather, to you, your family and team for making all of this happen.

Priscilla Mulliah Mutty

I am definitely adopting this way of life, I feel so light and good. My family and friends complimented me on the change on my skin and say I look more radiant

Shaneeza Fugurally

Veganuary has changed the way I see food. I wish to spread awareness.

Beatrice Lai

Thank you so much for the whole organization. It was an incredible experience.

Olivier Rayapen

This was life changing. I used to be out of breath and didn’t feel like exercising. Now I am running 10km in the morning.

Saraspadhee Ayasamy

I am so grateful for this month of Veganuary, I never knew about it before but I’m glad I came across Heather Drummond

Sweta Ramkalawon

I am very proud to have been part of Veganuary and it was the best way to start my 2022. Both my fiance & I are looking forward to the next initiatives.

Marie-France Ramjutton

Thank you for this presentation, it was so informative. I took this challenge out of concern for animals and learning that it will benefit me so much is great.

Kara Lombard

Kara Lombard

As someone who is predominantly vegetarian, smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol this was a brilliant program for me. I was feeling lethargic and unmotivated. I really enjoyed the concept on betting on oneself because at the end of the day you have to answer to you and that’s a testament of self love. During the program I gained a great deal of knowledge on how extensive and easy it is to be vegan, healthier and much more energy was the outcome. Can’t wait to do it again! This time alcohol is out for a month


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