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We hold a compelling 1-hour workshop about living and eating more sustainably.

We can do the workshop onsite, somewhere close to you, or even online.

We offer this to restaurants, hotels, schools, shops, and businesses worldwide. Our team of teachers is growing.

Workshop Group Photo

Participants leave with a deep understanding of what vegan means for their health, the environment, and animal welfare. After each workshop we take a group photo with our V sign to celebrate the achievement.

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Workshop Highlights

Watch some snippets of our 1-hour workshop below. The full workshop comprises a brief introduction to Ecoshe, a sharing of pre-concepts about food, followed by the 24 min documentary. We then hold a fun quiz with optional prizes. We explain exactly what someone can eat on a plant-based diet.  Finally, we download the Ecoshe app which summarises all we have learned. 

We encourage sharing a delicious vegan meal together afterwards.

Documentary Short Version

Below are some of the highlights from our documentary. The founder, Heather Drummond shares her 15 years of research and explains why eating plant-based can help us solve the climate crisis and food shortages we face. Also, improve our health and restore balance in our ecosystem.  The documentary can be edited to remove points you would rather we did not share to a certain audience.

Why do we do this?


ESG Reporting

As a plant-based non-profit education company, partnering with us ensures you are actively committed to promoting sustainable and responsible food choices that align with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.

Companies that prioritize sustainability not only show a dedication to social and environmental responsibility (ESG) but also comply with future mandatory regulation, plus experience benefits in terms of financial performance, management excellence, and reduced risks – ultimately leading to increased value for shareholders.

To understand further how to integrate this within the ESG and SDGs ecosystem, click here;  read more


Ecoshe Wins Award at London Vegfest

After only one month in the public domain, Ecoshe was awarded 3rd place in the Eco Award category in London at the Vegfest November 2022. Results can be viewed here

Vegfest Winner London
Vegfest London 22

Human Capital

It is essential to nurture and retain talented and high-performing employees. It plays a vital role in a company’s overall performance.
At Ecoshe, not only do we encourage healthy eating, but we can also offer optional challenges where staff are encouraged and rewarded to try one month; 

  • smoke-free
  • alcohol-free
  • sugar-free
  • or any wellness challenge of their choice.

See example of a challenge we monitored with The Lux Collective.  These are measurable challenges that you can use in your company reporting. 


Wellness Challenges

Designed to suit your company (optional)

Member of Plant Based Treaty

Ecoshe in The News

Below are some of the newspaper articles that inspired a lot of people to sign up for the workshop. You can view several more on our Press Page

Press Article

1 Month Challenges

– Alcohol Free – Smoke Free – Meat Free – Drug Free – Sugar Free

Featured In

Click to view

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Le Defi Newspaper
Investor's Magazine Mauritius
Radio One Mauritius
Mazavaroo Magazine Mauritius

Download Our Quiz App

Taking the crazy out of vegan!   Browse each point from our documentary in this quiz format.  See how many new things you learn; even the die-hard vegans learn something new!

 Workshop Cost

€0 – €50 per participant

This depends on a few factors

– The number of participants

– Your location and country

– The teacher’s experience and demand for them

– How much sponsorship we have

– If you are a non profit or social enterprise 

We do have teachers in training who offer free workshops to gain experience.

Ecoshe is a non-profit. We utilise funds to cover our costs and offer more workshops 

Please request a quote and we will do what we can to supply training to you at a fair price.


Ecoshe Badge

After the workshop, you will receive an Ecoshe badge which you can use in many situations to shout out about the training you’ve done.

This will show that you are vegan-friendly and understand what it is to have a plant-based diet meal.  

  • Display on your website
  • Include in your newsletter
  • Showcase on social media
  • Add to your menus
  • Print and display
  • Press release
  • Magazine articles
Ecoshe Badge

Social Media

Together we will create some great moments to share.

  • Standard Team Photo with V Sign – Included in cost
  • We hope to share your event on our social media and website too
  • Share on your social media and with your team
  • Professional Photos and/or Video: Please request a quote if you’d like a professional video or photographs done. (approx $300 – $400, including editing). You’re welcome to use your own photographers too.

Optional Meal Together

We encourage a delicious shared plant-based meal or food tasting together after the workshop.

Some Ideas

  • Vegan-friendly restaurant nearby.
  • Catering, perhaps pizzas or burgers. Or something a little more fancy!
  • Your own in-house kitchen, we can help with recipes.

The cost of this will be settled directly to the restaurant by yourselves. Food is not included in the training cost.

Meal together

Here are a few memories

Participants have taken our workshop since September 2022


We inspire new habits through plant-based education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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