Plant Based Workshop

1 hour

 €8 – €35 per person

Book an Ecoshe teacher to come and speak to a group of people, either friends, family, business or school. There will be some discussions, a quiz and sometimes prizes. We can also include a meal offering for after the workshop, either Ecoshe catering or working with you to cook up something delicious. 

Plant Power Workshop Online

Duration 1 hour

 €5 or donation

Listen to Heather Drummond’s fifteen years of research in a short captivating documentary. Participate in a short quiz after and then share your experience in small breakout rooms with other participants. At the end, stand the chance to win a prize from one of our sponsors in a lucky draw. 

Contact us about our next online workshop.

Plant-based Challenge

Anyone can participate. During the workshop we will invite you to try going plant-based for 1 meal, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. We will hold your hand along the way. We celebrate every step towards a plant-based diet, no matter how big or small.

Companies may request for us to monitor a one-month challenge after a workshop and incentives by giving prizes to participants.  

Investment into wellness centers

 € 50,000 (approx min investment)

The ultimate goal of Ecoshe is to fundraise to make a long time dream come true. That is to buy or build wellness residence / resorts offering all the healthy principles that we showcase here. Alcohol free, drug free, smoke free, meat free residential spaces. If this interests you please send us your details so we can explain the vision in more detailThere is also more info at www.ecoshe.earth

Past Events

Prize Giving

At our January 1 month challenge. 40 participants went vegan for 1 month.

See Video

Food Workshops

Starting Again 2023

 €10 –  €25

We will be working with chefs and restaurants around the island. Helping them improve their plant based options. When they perfect these recipes, we will invite a group of people to learn how to cook that meal and then afterwards enjoy the meal together. Taking home this new amazing recipe. It’s wonderful for networking and to learn how to cook and taste something deliciously plant based. See example at Chutneys restaurant. The price depends on the menu and location of the day. We also hope to come to businesses and schools with our chef to train you in-house, email us for a quote!

Restaurant Meets

Starting Again 2023

 €10 –  €25

Join a group of plant based enthusiasts at various restaurants. We negotiate good rates beforehand so you can enjoy them at discounted prices. Meet like minded people, share recipes, stories, ideas on how we can all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, improve our health and take care of animals at the same time. See example

Walk in Silence

Starting Again 2023

 €5 or donation

Meeting at various points around the island. Walking together in silence in nature. Enjoy a short meditation, some ancient knowledge and then group together after for a bring and share and fun ice breaker, getting to know other participants.

Singing Circle

Starting Again 2023

 €5 or donation

Music and sound can be so healing. We work with musicians around the island to lead us in group singing circles. Sometimes around a bonfire, or at someone’s house. You are welcome to bring any instruments. You are encouraged to sing with the group, no matter what singing skills you have. Here are the melodies to some of the songs we sing. We try to include spiritual songs from all different religions but also some good old fashioned camp-fire songs. Here are the lyrics and chords to some of our favorite songs. We always welcome new songs to add to the list, especially in local languages to preserve the local culture and spirit. We normally do a vegetarian bring and share. We have to pay tribute to the sweetness of Satsang, introduced by the Art of Living Organization.

Sri Sri Yoga Course

Starting Again 2023


In this 2.5 hours a day workshop, spread out over 2 weeks you can expect to learn a holistic way of life that integrates all elements of yoga, making a prayerful discipline that unites the body,mind and soul. Heather is trained under the Art of Living to teach a combination of beautiful stretching postures, ancient knowledge, breathwork and meditation (see example). The venue could be at someone’s house, a business, school or public venue. We need at least 20 people to hold a course with Heather in Mauritius. However Sri Sri Yoga is available in 150 countries around the world.

Yoga Class

Starting Again 2023

 €5 or donation

Join a followup yoga class at various places around the island. Open to all levels of fitness.  See example in Tamarin Bay. Gentle stretches, breath work, meditation. Sometimes a bring and share after.

Environmental Clean Ups

Starting Again 2023

 €5 or donation

Support our efforts to clean up beaches and areas in nature that have been littered. The contribution helps cover our marketing costs, bin bags, gloves and the removal of the trash. Helping educate more on reducing plastic usage. We make this fun with music, playfulness, pictures and meeting new friends. If you know of an area that needs attention do let us know. See examples.

Product Supply

Starting Again 2023

 €5 to exhibit and sell

We want to help solve the pain point of obtaining healthy organic plant based foods and products. Whether it be, vegan yogurts, ice-cream, milks, cheeses, burgers, vitamins, chocolates, household goods, 0% alcohol, make-up, clothing etc we encourage local production and supply or bulk import for things we can’t get locally. At each of our events, we welcome you to showcase and sell your products. We ask a small Rs100 fee for the marketing and admin of this. We encourage you to sell as close to cost as possible to help us educate, give the experience and reach that mass market viability point where plant based products can compete with traditional ones. Email us to apply to be a supplier at our events.


We inspire new habits through plant-based education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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