Our Mission

How do we plan to spend the money we earn from our workshop and donations:

  • Cover our costs and grow our team so that we can support you and the community more and more. 
  • Create more events to support the plant-based lifestyle. 
    • Food workshops
    • Vegan Retreats
  • Solve pain points around the supply of affordable organic, healthy and sustainable foods and products. We hope to source locally, or import and supply these to people at an affordable price. This will only be viable with a large supportive community. 
  • Offer education around sustainability and wellness, especially in poorer areas, to schools and businesses. In-person and through workshops. 
  • Translate all our offerings into different languages. 
  • Market our vegan APP and continue to improve the experience for our community. 

Thank you for supporting our initiative.
We want to make a difference.

Make a



We inspire new habits through education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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