Heather Smoking and Alcohol Challenge


We hold a 30 day challenge when we have interest from at least 50 people.

Show your interest for October 2022

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How does it work?

You pay to play. It’s way more fun and effective because it makes you accountable. 

You also stand a chance to win prizes from companies that support the work we do. See our prize page. We also have a prize for the highest pledge!

  1. Decide on the challenge that suits you
  2. Fill in our google sign up form
  3. Deposit the money you have pledged, bank details
  4. Every day during the challenge month, message us to say, “today I achieved ….”
  5. Go quiet when you slip up. No worries. Those days are contributions to Ecoshe. See how you help us here.
  6. At our month-end prize giving, or whenever you request a payback, we will refund you what you’ve earned on your successful days.
  7. Request a payback anytime via WhatsApp +23057772276 or email
  8. You can also roll over your balance for the next challenge! Get creative. Start a team. Sponsor someone.
  9. If you join our online prize giving, you stand a chance to win some great gifts. Even if you slipped up a lot, you will still have a chance because we draw names from a hat. 

The Small Print


Ecoshe will repay you any balance owing in your wallet when you request a payback. Please make requests via WhatsApp +23057772276 or email.

Please note that Ecoshe will deduct any days where you failed to message us confirming your daily success. Even if you did succeed and you forgot or failed to message us, this is a forfeit. You are, however, welcome to dispute anything with Ecoshe at any time because we’re a reasonable bunch. We may also charge bank fees if it’s excessive to receive or pay you back, especially for those playing outside Mauritius.

Sponsoring or Competing.

Due to gambling regulations and the risk of money laundering through our challenge, we can never repay or refund more than what we receive from a player. What we will do, however, is notify you, your team, or the person you’ve sponsored who owes who at the end of the challenge. You will have to settle up between yourselves outside the Ecoshe platform. If the demand grows, we hope to one day obtain a gambling license and all the necessary permits, so for now, sponsor and play with people you trust! 


We inspire new habits through plant-based education. Our goal is to bring the community together around wellness and sustainability.

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